The Government-Approved Program That
Puts Money Into YOUR Pocket, And Even Gives You Passive Income On Auto-Pilot


It is no secret; leaving our money in the bank does nothing to grow our wealth. Regardless of what the inflation rate is (which, by the way, often feels more than what is ‘officially announced’), there is almost always no way we can beat inflation simply by accumulating our savings in the bank.

Furthermore, the cost of goods has increased more rapidly than the increment of the average salary. You already know that; that’s why you are now open to what else is possible. Getting a second (or third!) job won’t work; most people are already working long hours in one job and barely have time for themselves or their families. Taking on another job will burn them out. Working longer hours may seem to alleviate the problem temporarily. But that’s still trading time for money. How many ‘extra hours’ can the average person work before he/she burns out too? You may have already considered those options and realized those aren’t the solution as well.

You are not alone

Ever wondered why the official retirement age has increased? Ever wondered why you have been ‘encouraged’ to work past your retirement age, as long as you can, so that you can ‘keep giving to society’ or ‘remain active’?

If you realized that most people won’t have enough money to retire, even if they’ve worked all their lives … you’re right!

There’s a better way ...

What if I told you, that you can use someone else's money, to pay for a life-changing government-approved program, that can empower you to grow your money, have more passive income, and even retire without worries?

Introducing - Value Investing Strategies

Value Investing Strategies is an intensive one full-day training where we equip participants with the basic skill sets to invest for themselves and take charge of their own financial outcome. At the end of this content-packed session, you’ll discover:

  • How to make 15% ~ 25% returns on your money instead of leaving it in the bank
  • The step-by-step checklist that you absolutely must follow to minimize your risks and MAXIMIZE your returns
  • How to get your HDB flat for FREE
  • Why even just $10 a day is enough to help you retire
  • How to receive regular checks in your mailbox
  • How to give your loved ones monthly allowances without your own contributions
  • And much more …

It’s easier than you think

The good news is, value investing is something that anyone can do. Here’s why:

  • You can start investing with as little as $100
  • You don’t need a degree in Finance
  • There is no complex software to operate
  • You don’t need to read technical, complicated charts
  • It’s something you can do in your spare time

Oh, did I already mention you’d be able to sleep soundly at night too?


You’re in good hands

Yes, we know what we’re talking about. In case you were wondering, not only have we been featured in the media (The Straits Times, Shares Investment, 938LIVE, Capital 95.8FM etc), we also conduct the annual “Value Investing Summit” … the biggest event of its kind in Asia attended by over 1,000 participants from around the region every year.

Ever since 2008, we have helped thousands of people in Singapore and around the region become their own best investor, so that they can have their money work harder for them than most other alternatives they encounter. Because we walk the talk, and have added so much value to our participants, we have been voted the "Most Preferred Financial Educator" at the annual Invest Fair (Organized by ShareInvestor) in Singapore.

Who should attend

Value Investing Strategies is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve never invested before and you’re serious about wanting to let your money work harder for you
  • You’re about to start investing and you want to make sure you are equipped with the right knowledge so that you can invest confidently and profitably
  • You’ve already invested in the stock market and would like to find out how to maximize your returns and optimize your portfolio

How much is YOUR financial freedom worth?

A full training workshop like this could have easily cost $1,997. Considering the amount of information we’ll be covering, even at $1,997, it would have been a bargain!


During our team discussion, we all agreed that we wanted to make this affordable to as many people as possible, so that everyone can have a fair chance to learn the vital value investing skills that can help them accumulate their wealth. After countless back and forth (I forgot how long it took), we finally decided that we wanted to give the Value Investing Strategies tickets away for just $399.


But my inner voice was screaming; we can take it a step further. I wanted to make it such that there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for anyone to say no to this. My team thought I was mad … but I knew it was necessary. So we did our research, spent hours on the phone to speak to the "right" people, and finally ... found a solution ...

How YOU can attend … FOR FREE

ApprovedWe’re happy and excited to announce that the Value Investing Strategies is an approved program under the Singapore Workforce Development Agency’s (WDA) SkillsFuture initiative.

This means that, the government (yes, the government), will reimburse every single cent of your course fee when you attend Value Investing Strategies!

ScreenshotSo now you can attend our ENTIRE program, absorb ALL the training, ask ALL your questions, and take ALL the notes … FOR FREE. (FAQs – Pop up)

Just $399
(and apply immediately after the program to get your reimbursement. FAQ)

The cherry (no, let’s make that CHERRIES) on top …

Sign up for Value Investing Strategies today and receive the following BONUSES absolutely free:

Bonus 1 – Exclusive Access To The Value Investing Summit 2017 (worth $399)

Now well into its 6th year, the Value Investing Summit is the go-to event of the year, where some of the most brilliant value investing minds from all around the world gather to discuss ideas, share strategies, and reveal the best solutions to navigate the markets.

Past guests include speakers like Mr. Kevin Scully (Founder of NetResearch Asia), Mr. Song Seng Woon (CEO & Regional Economist at CIMB-GK Research Pte Ltd), Mr. David Kuo, (Stock market analyst and radio personality at The Motley Fool UK), TEMPELTONDr. Niwes Hemvachiravarakorn (Warren Buffett of Thailand), Mr. Tan Teng Boo (Warren Buffett of Malaysia) and Dr. Hemant Amin (Charlie Munger of India).

At the upcoming 2-day Value Investing Summit 2017, our keynote speaker is none other than Ms. Lauren Templeton, great niece of legendary investor Sir John M. Templeton, and member of the John M. Templeton foundation.

Held at the Singapore Expo in January 2017, with a massive audience of over 1,500, this will an experience like no other!

Bonus 2 – The “Value Investing Code” DVD (worth $97)

VI CODE DVDJam-packed with 30 solid videos, this single DVD houses the most important concepts of value investing which you can watch again, and again, and again.

Invite your friends and loved ones to watch it with you so that you can learn together!

Bonus 3 – Physical copy of “Value Investing For Beginners” (worth $20.00)

vi BOOKWritten by Mr Ken Chee, Executive Director of 8I Holdings Ltd and Co-founder of the Value Investing Summit, this book is the perfect guide to show you how you can build a multi-million dollar net worth step-by-simple-step.

Ken himself is a successful investor and entrepreneur who launched a business with zero capital and turned it into a $400 million powerhouse in 6 years.

His insanely successful, yet practical, layman’s approach to investing is one of the reasons why he’s so highly sought after as a trainer and speaker.

 Over an additional $500 worth of bonuses … absolutely FREE.

Just $399
(and apply immediately after the program to get your reimbursement. FAQ)

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